Hi, I'm Denise

Cornelia and Co was born through my love of Taylor Swift (Cornelia Street is one of my favorites) and my desire to bring design to all, no matter what your living situation or budget. My philosophy — interior design can be attainable, affordable, AND beautiful. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m a city girl through and through. I’ve always been fascinated by the duality of this town, with the extreme displays of wealth and extravagance sometimes overshadowing the humble lives of most of its citizens. Living in small, outdated apartments myself forced me to get creative with my design and budget without sacrificing style. And while I do still find the multi-million dollar homes on my daily strolls inspiring, I know that a good eye and lots of internet searching are all that’s needed to bring a space to life. I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned and to help as many people as I can make their dream home a reality.