Lazy Girl Transitional Fall Craft

Make a simple and inexpensive fall centerpiece using only a few supplies! If you’re not ready to commit to a full on fall project but want to start celebrating the season, this is the craft for you. It’s perfect for the current time of year with hints of both summer and fall, and can easily be made spooky for Halloween by replacing the butterflies with plastic spiders. Maximum cuteness and minimal effort are exactly the kinds of projects I love! Check out the super easy instructions below. 

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Get the Look

a fall centerpiece with dried flowers, white pumpkins, and paper butterflies


  1. White faux pumpkins
  2. Assorted Paper Butterflies 
  3. Rustic Vase: Similar here and here 
  4. Dried Baby’s Breath Flowers 
  5. Double sided tape (a glue gun will also work for a more permanent attachment)


Add the baby’s breath to the vase and place in the center of the table. Arrange the pumpkins in front of the vase, choosing the pumpkins with varied heights. Use the double sided tape to attach the butterflies in random locations on the pumpkins and vase. That’s it! It’s so easy!

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