A Cottage Living Room – Two Ways

a Living room with William Morris botanical art, a green couch, and checkered rug

Looking to create a cozy and charming cottage-style living room but not sure where to start? Try picking one piece of art that embodies the cottage vibe and building the rest of the design around it. I found the below art print when perusing Etsy and immediately knew it would be the perfect inspiration for a cottage room. It was so perfect that it inspired two designs – one with a cheerful vintage vibe and another with a moody contemporary vibe.

Vertical Shiplap for a Modern Cottage Design

Vertical shiplap (or paneling) is an affordable and easy way to add cottage charm to any space. In addition to the cozy texture it creates, it has the ability to make a room look taller by drawing the eye up. The most popular designers like Jean Stoffer and Shea McGee are fans of the look, so you know it’s good!

New Year’s Resolutions Through Design – Read More

I’m rounding up the best reading nook inspiration photos for anyone that has proclaimed THIS IS THE YEAR I’M FINALLY GOING TO READ MORE. Whether it’s a light and bright window seat, or a dark and moody library room, adding a spot dedicated to getting lost in a book will definitely get you reading more in 2023.