Vertical Shiplap for a Modern Cottage Design

Vertical shiplap (or paneling) is an affordable and easy way to add cottage charm to any space. Horizontal shiplap had its moment with the boom of modern farmhouse interiors, but it’s time for vertical shiplap to have its moment. In addition to the cozy texture it creates, it has the ability to make a room look taller by drawing the eye up. The most popular designers like Jean Stoffer and Shea McGee are fans of the look, so you know it’s good! If you aren’t convinced yet, take a look at all the beautiful uses of vertical shiplap around the home in the photos below. 

Design by Studio McGee

Shiplap In the Kitchen

Even adding just a small section of vertical shiplap to a vent hood or a backsplash in the kitchen can create a unique vintage yet modern look. Match the color of the cabinets for subtle texture, or pick contrasting colors for a bolder design. Even cabinet fronts can have a vertical shiplap pattern for maximum impact. 

Design by Amber Interiors Photography by Tessa Neustadt

Design by Jean Stoffer

Shiplap in the living Room

Vertical shiplap doesn’t need to go all the way up the wall. One of my favorite looks is to add the shiplap to the lower portion of the wall as a wainscoting. You can complete the look with standard molding or a picture ledge to display art. Shiplap surrounding a fireplace or running up the fireplace gives a cozy vibe and creates a focal point in the room. 

Design by Red Fern Design

Design by Studio McGee

Shiplap in the Mudroom

If you want to dip your toe in the vertical shiplap waters, a mudroom or laundry room is the best place to start. You can add the vertical paneling and some hooks for an easy drop zone, or cover all the walls in a colorful shiplap for a bold look. This is also the perfect place to add a bold wallpaper above shiplap wainscoting for a whimsical welcome. Durable paint over the shiplap makes it a practical choice for a mudroom as well as a beautiful one. 

Design by Jean Stoffer

Design by Studio McGee

Shiplap in the Bathroom

Who doesn’t love a coastal cottage bathroom design? Get the look with vertical shiplap behind the sink and even on the cabinet door fronts.

Design by Jean Stoffer

Design by Park & Oak Design

ShiplAp in the bedroom

A bedroom is the perfect place for adding as many texture layers as possible. From a linen curtain, to a velvet quilt, more is more. Continuing the texture on the walls using vertical shiplap makes even the most basic bedroom feel like a retreat. Add it to the headboard wall for a touch of a statement, or add to the whole room for the maximum impact. 

Design by Monika Hibbs

Design by Monika Hibbs with Stephanie Jean Design Photography by Janis Nicolay

Design by Jean Stoffer

Design by Becca Interiors

Shiplap in the Breakfast Nook

Probably my favorite spot to add a shiplap statement wall – a breakfast nook. An eating nook is already a charming feature in a kitchen, and the vertical shiplap just adds to that cottage charm. Hanging an art filled gallery wall on top makes it instantly so chic and stylish. It’s also such a simple way to differentiate a nook from the rest of the kitchen and make it its own design moment. 

Design by Heidi Caillier Design Photography by Haris Kenjar

Putting it all together

Create a modern cottage breakfast nook that feels cozy yet stylish with vertical shiplap and Studio McGee Target furniture and decor. The pieces are great to mix and match together and go perfectly with the shiplap paneling for the walls. Keep the floor and walls neutral to allow the greenery and black accents to stand out for a simple, classy space.  

Mood Board featuring breakfast nook furniture and decor from Studio McGee

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