Striped Wallpaper for a Colorful and Playful Kid’s Room

For a unique and whimsical kids room, just add striped wallpaper! Interesting color combinations add a fun spin on the typical kids room decor, so go wild! Yellow, and light pink pairs perfectly with dusty blue stripes, while a bold green striped wallpaper punches up warm wood tones. Any way you stripe it, your kids bedroom or playroom will be their favorite spot in the house (and adults will love it too!)

New Year’s Resolutions Through Design: Sleep Better​

Getting more quality sleep is consistently on the top of every New Year’s resolutions list each year, so I figured it was the perfect place to start my New Year’s Resolutions Through Design series. If you’re one of the lucky ones that has no trouble sleeping, let me just say I’m very jealous, and maybe you don’t need to change anything about your bedroom. But for the rest of us, keep reading for some tips on how to design a space that sets you up for the best sleep possible!